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Ruby Valley HospitalThrough the quality and compassion of our healthcare providers and staff, the Ruby Valley Hospital strives to be our community's first choice for healthcare services.  Serving Virginia City, Alder, Sheridan, Laurin, Twin Bridges, Silver Star and Waterloo, our Hospital offers 10 inpatient beds, radiology, laboratory, cardiac rehabilitation, physical therapy and speech language pathology, swing bed, 24 hour emergency care and a highly qualified nursing staff.  Our healthcare providers support patients through the Hospital and our local clinics. 

The Ruby Valley Hospital is a Montana designated trauma receiving facility.

We encourage you to explore our website for detailed information about our staff and services, Twin Bridges and Sheridan clinics, Mac's CHC Pharmacy, Ruby Valley Ambulance and the Ruby Valley Hospital Auxiliary.  There are links to and from the Ruby Valley Hospital Foundation's website.  News on local healthcare events and advice on timely medical issues is updated regularly.  We hope you will visit often for information on seasonal, regional, women's, children's and senior's health topics.

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Medical Technologist Position at the Ruby Valley Hospital Physical Therapist Position at the Ruby Valley Hospital
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Hepatitis C and B12 Tests Available at the Ruby Valley Hospital Health Fair

The Ruby Valley Hospital is adding two blood tests to the offerings at the annual Health Fair, April 12-13 from 7am to 11am. Tests for Hepatitis C and Vitamin B12 Deficiency will be available, along with the Chemistry and CBC panel, Prostate Specific Antigens (PSA), Vitamin D Deficiency and Hemoglobin A1C. The Hospital’s Health Fair offers blood testing to the Ruby Valley community at significantly reduced prices. In determining whether these new tests could provide insights your physical well-being, the following information might be helpful.   Read More>>

Say what?! Some Common Orthopaedic Terms

With all the technical jargon, there are times when it can be tough to grasp what a clinician may be saying about an orthopaedic injury.  A few basic definitions can go a long way in understanding what's being said.  (By the way, orthopaedic relates to the skeletal system and associated structures such as muscles and ligaments.)   Read More>>

Donation to the Ruby Valley Hospital Directly Benefits Nurses and Patients

The Ruby Valley Hospital is not taking its latest donation lying down, but their patients will be!  The Hospital recently received a generous donation of nine beds from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at St. James Healthcare.  The beds have significant technological and healthcare benefits over the Ruby Valley Hospital’s current in-patient beds, providing greater comfort to the patients and enhancing the care provided by the nursing staff.   Read More>>

I "Rolled" My Ankle!

The most common injury to the ankle is when the foot “rolls” inward, toward the midline of the body.  There are a few ligaments on the outside of the ankle that may be damaged or torn (sprained) during this motion.  You may hear or feel a “pop, snap or crack.”  This sound or feeling may be fracturing of a bone or sprains of one or more ligaments.   Read More>>

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What Happens If You Dislocate Your Shoulder

Shoulder dislocations are the most common joint dislocations. The shoulder socket allows for great range of motion (ROM), but the drawback is instability compared to other joints.   Read More>>

Treating Skiing and Snowboarding Knee Injuries

It’s ski and snowboard season!  Unfortunately knee injuries during winter sports are common.  Injuries occur when the force of the downward momentum wrenches knee joints and cause structural damage.  Medical professionals generally follow the RICE rule. The RICE rule is an easy to remember rudimentary treatment plan for all acute injuries:   Read More>>

What Can Be Learned From Blood Tests

Ruby Valley Hospital is offering low cost health screens on April 12-13 from 7am to 11am.  You will need to fast for 12-14 for the Chemistry Panel and Lipids tests and drink plenty of water.  Ruby Valley Hospital recommends that you share the results of your tests with your healthcare provider.  Please call Ruby Valley Hospital at 842-5453 for more information about this event.

Health screening events are an excellent opportunity to obtain low cost blood testing.  These tests are vital health monitors and can provide early detection of serious diseases and conditions.  Unless you have received some guidance from your healthcare provider, deciding which tests you should take can be confusing.  Following is a brief explanation of the most typically offered health screens including what each test analyzes and why it is important. Read More>>

The Ruby Valley Hospital Hosts Presentation on Medicare Reimbursement

In mid-August, the Ruby Valley Hospital hosted a presentation by Bob Olsen, Vice President of the Montana Hospital Association regarding Medicare and the reimbursement system for rural, critical access hospitals at the Philanthropy River Building in Sheridan.  The presentation provided a historical synopsis of Medicare’s payment strategies, background into some of the reimbursement system’s shortfalls, and an overview of how the system supports critical access rural hospitals. Read More>>

Bob Olsen Addresses Sheridan's Healthcare Community Regarding Medicare Reimbursement

OUCH....My Back!

Drew Chambers, PA-CPeople talk about their backs “going out” all the time.  Symptoms typically include pain and muscle spasm.  If numbness, or weakness going down the legs occurs a disc herniation may be the culprit.  History, physical examination and advanced imaging studies let us know the extent of the injury.  If there is a disc herniation, there are a few treatment options to consider.   Read More>>

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Nature Photos from the Ruby Valley
By Lynn Lowder of Twin Bridges

Lynn is a tireless volunteer for the Madison County DUI Task Force.
Thank you Lynn for sharing your beautiful photos and your efforts in protecting our youth!

The Ruby Valley Hospital is an equal opportunity provider
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